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How to become a sponsor of Lest We Forget -
First of all, thank you for considering becoming a sponsor of LWF. We are honored that you find our mission and activities worthy. Even with a growing membership and hundreds of community volunteers, it is the financial support that helps us bring patriotic events and activities to the community.

Elsewhere in this web site you can read about our mission and history in detail but we try to live by the simple words which are:

"To brighten the future, we must illuminate the past"

This year, sponsors have contributed to bringing some very important people to the community such as Ron Rosser, Medal of Honor recipient in Korea. He was an important part of the LWF history series on "Korea; the Forgotten War."

Sponsors make it possible for us to hold our two patriotic concerts, community educational classes at Lake Michigan College, our big WWII Re-enactment and many other activities that educate and remind our citizens of the sacrifices men and women have made for our country. Please see the History page for a complete list of LWF activities over the years. We think you will find it an impressive chronicle of our dedication and mission.

Contributions and in-kind support are vital to the success of Lest We Forget and we value our sponsors highly. Please review the Sponsor page to see the good company you will be in.

Lest We Forget has been designated a Non Profit Public Charity and classified as a 501 (c) (3). A copy of this designation is available upon request.

Below is our contact information for your sponsorship:

Lew Burchard, LWF Finance Officer
4144 Condo #33 Ridge Road
Stevensville, MI 49127

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